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Thomas F. DiLullo - NJ & NY Tax Lawyer & C.P.A.

Thomas F. DiLullo is a practicing NJ Tax Lawyer. He graduated with a B.A. in Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of New Haven. After receiving a Masters in Business Administration (with a concentration in taxation) from the University of New Haven, he became a Certified Public Accountant in 1980. Mr. DiLullo worked in the field of public accounting for several years before attending law school. He received a Juris Doctor degree in Law from the University of Miami and subsequently attended New York University where he was awarded the Master of Laws in Taxation.


Thomas F. DiLullo has practiced Federal and State Tax law in New Jersey since 1984. In recent years, his tax practice has focused on helping people with tax problems who owe more Federal or State taxes than they could afford to pay, persons disputing the amount of taxes they owe, and on business and individual tax planning. As a New Jersey tax lawyer and C.P.A., Mr. DiLullo practices all aspects of Federal and State tax law and procedure. Being able to comprehend tax law and the financial background of the economic transaction is an advantage he brings to the field of taxation. As a C.P.A. he has prepared business and individual tax returns, attended audits for individuals and businesses, practiced accounting and auditing, and provided management advisory services to businesses. The business and financial knowledge he gained in the M.B.A graduate program adds depth to his understanding of a variety of financial transactions and business organizations. As a tax lawyer Mr. DiLullo realizes that tax law applies to everyday situations, thus, he has for several years included in his law practice a variety of legal matters, such as real estate, probating wills and organization of businesses. His interest in litigation has led him to the trial of a variety of cases including contracts, construction, divorces, palimony, traffic offenses, and criminal cases. The purpose of his training and experience was to add depth to areas where tax law would be applied. Mr. DiLullo views himself as an advocate for individuals and various types of business organizations that have tax problems.




Thomas F. DiLullo is a member of the New Jersey and Florida Bars.  He also appears before the New Jersey Federal District Court, the United States Tax Court, the New Jersey Tax Court, the New Jersey Superior Court and other State, Local and Federal courts.


In addition to holding a Master of Business Administration (with a concentration in Taxation), Mr. DiLullo is a Certified Public Accountant.  He is also an attorney who holds a second law degree, known as, a Master of Laws degree in taxation.  He specializes in tax law.  Mr. DiLullo has more than 20 years experience representing business and individual taxpayers, as well as other entities with Federal and State tax issues.


Mr. DiLullo helps taxpayers who dispute the amount of the Federal or State tax liability, as well as, those who simply can not pay the tax balance or have other problems accomplishing results with the IRS or State Tax Departments.  He has extensive trial experience, and understands how to appropriately negotiate with Federal and State tax officials.



American Bar Association

New Jersey State Bar Association

Member of the Tax Section

Bergen County Bar Association

The Florida Bar Association

American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants

New Jersey Certified Public Accountant

Connecticut Certified Public Accountant

Avvo Rated Tax Lawyer

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Reviews Of Our Income Tax Lawyers

  • “Tom’s view is that his client is basically in the right and will not back down from this viewpoint in any negotiation. Consequently, I’ve seen him handle very difficult tax situations that others simply cannot confront. Remarkably, he always seems to have his clients come out on the winning side.”

    Scott Chichester, CPA

  • “Mr. DiLullo has kept the process stress free. All of his years of experience in dealing with government agencies has proven to be an asset and I highly recommend him.”

    Eric Vega